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I am running CLion 2021.2.3 on MacOs High Sierra 10.13.6. The settings are default.
Tried to click "debug" for a dummy project, get this error. (though "run" was OK)
Any help would be much appreciated!

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Sorry for the delay.

Please send the following additional information to clion-support at jetbrains.com:

  1. Turn on LLDB logs by adding the following line to ~/.lldbinit-LLDBFrontend:

    log enable -f /tmp/lldb-log.txt lldb all

    After that reproduce the issue with the default toolchain and the C++ "Hello, World!" project and provide us with the resulting /tmp/lldb-log.txt file.

  2. Please open Console.app (/Applications/Utilities) and see if there is anything relevant in the "Errors and Faults" section when the issue happens. Also, worth taking a look at the "User Reports" there.

  3. Do you happen to have any antivirus software running?


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