What the fuck are you indexing?

What the fuck are you indexing? Can't you just index the files in the database to provide prompt function? I don't know what you are indexing the files of my whole computer. The key is that I have a lot of files, and other functions can't be used. Draft it!!!


Please upload IDE logs from Help -> Collect  logs and diagnostic data to https://uploads.jetbrains.com/ and provide me Upload ID here.



I'd just like to let you know that this is a super relatable post; probably multiple times a day for me.

I've imagined myself gently shutting the screen of my laptop, unplugging the numerous dongles and then repeatedly beating my laptop on the edge of my desk until it is bent in an L-shape, quitting software development forever and doing something fucking meaningful with my life.

Eventually I get over it- I once again reset absolutely everything related to IntelliJ and for a brief time, it is performant and I am productive.

It's insanity hey.

Probably it's just my computer, for it is only a 16 core machine with only 64GB of RAM so naturally it's gonna be slow running a JetBrains product or as I like to call it "the programmer version of the 'will it run Crysis' benchmark"

Hi Edward,

We'll need more details about the IDEs you're currently using and the number of projects you have. Do you have a VCS configured? If yes, how many branches do you have and how often do you switch between them?

Hey Aleksandr Molchanov thx for taking the time to reply- I wasn't really looking for a solution, just venting to / relating to Weijialiu

I work in a team of ~15 devs, we've got a huge monorepo, lots of branches in progress, lots of switching branches throughout the day, TypeScript, Python, Go- numerous SDKs / Virtualenvs (let's say ~30 different components all of which will have SDKs associated); we're using a mixture of IntelliJ and PyCharm in the office here.

I think it's all just par for the course- I'm not of the opinion that there's any one magical config item or workflow that I'm doing wrong that will suddenly solve this problem for me and all my coworkers, we've all accepted that it's just a fact of life when you're using a JetBrains product; it's a big meme around here. Anecdotally I see it with CLion (for small personal Rust projects) and GoLand (also for small personal projects).

We are all using x86 Macs though, maybe that's the key  challenge!

Don't worry about it though, you guys keep at it, you've got a good product that's why we use it- just every now and then it chooses to be infuriatingly slow to use and often those times coincide with me working on a hard problem which makes for a fun combo.

Hope you have a good Christmas!


There is nothing to index, the indexs are invalidated and I have marked everything as excluded and yet still for 3 hours now, after restarting twice, still indexing.

You have fucked me in ways I can't explain.  I am going on a campaign to make sure JetBrains can't hurt anyone else.


06 Ahoy Tales I ended up changing to Visual Studio Code- took me a little while to get things set up in a way that was competitive with the great default config that JetBrains products have out of the box.

No regrets, I'll probably cancel my expensive “All Of the JetBrains Things” subscription in a month or so.

The end state was a bit of time spent to get set up and I guess a _slightly_ worse in some regards (mostly around database tools and merge tools) it's still been 100% worth it to have a much faster IDE.

Now I just change branches, and my IDE is good to go- I don't spend 30 mins reindexing shit just to review a PR.

Here's the list of plugins I'm using btw- but I'd encourage you to poke around the extensions to find the ones that work for you, it's really not more than a day or two total setup (for me, it was stretched across a couple of weeks as I would reach for a function I used in JetBrains and then need to go find and install an extension to achieve that).

	"extensions": {
        "recommendations": [

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