Modify settings.gradle file of a project created from a custom template


I am creating a plugin for Android Studio to add a new project template. When a project is created from my custom template, I can add a repository to the settings.gradle file that has been generated. Instead of adding this repository to each project that I create, I want it to be added to the settings file by default when creating the project. With the Android API, I can add a dependency using RecipeExecutor.addIncludeToSettings method, but except for this, I can't modify the settings.gradle file.
How can I do this?

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There is no easy-to-use API to do this. Please file a feature request to Android Studio bug tracker:

As a workaround you can try obtaining `GradleSettingsModel` for the project right from your recipe and modifying `GradleSettingsModel` directly without `RecipeExecutor`. You may need to commit document changes (`PsiDocumentManager#commitDocument`) before obtaining `GradleSettingsModel` and after you've made the changes to be in sync with the `RecipeExecutor`. E.g. see `DefaultRecipeExecutor#getBuildModel`

Reference implementation:

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Thanks for your Answer.

To solve my issue, I chose to create a gradle init script in which I defined all repositories needed by my custom projects. I could remove the repositories present in the settings.gradle file by deleting the file and recreating it using method. This solution works fine, but thanks for your workaround.


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