Linux ARM Support for IntelliJ and PyCharm


Looking for advice.

I am thinking to buy a new Macbook with M1 chip and run Linux via Parallels VM.

On the Linux ARM system I will look to install and use both IntelliJ and PyCharm.

I am wondering if this is supported?





Hi Ben,

As I can see Linux ARM is not yet supported. Feel free to upvote for and .


Wdym not supported?? Isn't intellij idea and all other ideas from intellik written ij Java. Java is supported fully on arm so it should work lol.


Aklusa71 Initial demand for this was not very high. Now it is work in progress.

A preview version of the linux-aarch64 build will be available soon (to be provided in CWM-4553).

Release planned in version 2022.3 due this November.


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