Assign Shortcut to SearchEverywhereContributor


I wrote a plugin which adds a SearchEverywhereContributor, which works fine so far.
Now I want to add a keyboard shortcut to open the corresponding tab in the SearchEverywherePopup.
So far I found out, that the shortcuts are registered in the class SearchEverywhereManagerImpl::createShortcutsMap.

But how can I extend this class or is there any other way to assign a shortcut to my SearchEverywhereContributor?

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This seems not possible indeed. Why do you need a separate tab?
We usually don't recommend to add custom tabs as noted in com.intellij.ide.actions.searcheverywhere.SearchEverywhereContributor#isShownInSeparateTab

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Hi Yann,

Thanks for your answer.

It's a search for a snippet database, which can have a lot of results.
Maybe I will stick to a custom popup then.




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