Add a maven library to the test fixture of a plugin

I want to test a plugin adding several inspections related to commonly used frameworks like Lombok and Hibernate(JPA). In my automated plugin tests I am trying to configure a project in my fixture having these libraries, but I am unable to do that. I already looked at PsiTestUtil.addLibrary, but that only works if I reference a Jar in my %HOME%/.m2/.... When I push to GitHub, my automated test pipeline fails. Is there any way to tell the test project in your fixture to resolve a Maven artifact. I think I understand how complicated this could be, but perhaps someone else had this problem, or perhaps there's a common workaround for the issue.
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Thank you. I have in my test

class SomeTestClass : LightJavaCodeInsightFixtureTestCase() {
fun test() {
MavenDependencyUtil.addFromMaven(module.rootManager.modifiableModel, "org.projectlombok:lombok:1.18.22")

This seems to work (because if the mistype the maven artifact coordinates it fails), but in my tests, my inspection does NOT detect a class from that library being in classpath. My inspection only operates if it detects a certain class from that jar. 

the code looking for that class (working if tested manually with 'run plugin') does:

fun lombokIsPresent(element: PsiElement) =
.findClass("lombok.RequiredArgsConstructor", element.resolveScope) != null

Do I have to do anything after calling addFromMaven()  ? eg some reimport of maven project to update the classpath (as we do when working with a real IJ) ?

Thank you !

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See also de.plushnikov.intellij.plugin.LombokTestUtil from Lombok plugin as reference

Usually library will be setup in configureModule() of LightProjectDescriptor and not inside test method (this might actually cause weird side effects for following tests).

Additionally check:

1) element.resolveScope might or might not include "library scope"

2) you might be missing required JDK classes, see on how to setup Mock JDK in tests


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