How to disable / minitmize startup processes when running Plugin?


I am developing lightweight plugin, which is drawing custom visualization in document window. On each run of a debugger, it does


- Loading project / Loading components

- Loading project / Reopening files

- Loading project / Running startuo activities

- Updating indexes 

- Scanning files to index

- Indexing dependencies

Each step takes dozens of seconds, while my test project is just a Java project with the only one file of my custom type.

Can I eliminate all/some of these steps for just seeing how my code is working? May be I can use some othe project type or something?


These are the default steps required to initialize the IDE and the test project. You can possibly save startup time by disabling any unneeded (bundled) plugins in your sandbox IDE instance. If not needed, you could also convert "Java" project type to one having no SDK.


Which project type is better suitable for testing custom file type plugin? I thought there is "empty" prohect type, but it contains no modules...


The available module types depend on the IDE and installed plugins. IIRC in IntelliJ IDEA there is no "way around" of setting up a dummy Java module to have a valid project with content roots where you can add your test files.


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