Make YAML MetaTypeProvider a public API



I've created a plugin that extends the YAML language (amongst other things). One of the things that I ended up using was the org.jetbrains.yaml.meta.impl.YamlMetaTypeProvider (internal) that is currently part of the YAML plugin. My experience so far is that this is a very fast and pleasant API to implement/validate a specific YAML structure in my language and provides out-of-the-box key and value validations, basic completion and ... well, I don't have to tell you, you wrote it :)

My question is, are there any plans to make this API public so that I won't be surprised by a new version of IntelliJ suddenly dropping it? I can of course just copy all the classes into my plugin but I'd really rather not. Moreover, I've made some improvements to include YAML !tag identifiers in the meta-type resolving which might be a nice additional feature for it. 

The entire codebase is available at: The YAML extension is the OMT part.

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Thanks for your interest. While the current API is marked with ApiStatus.Internal (and thus, by default, should not be used at all from 3rd party plugins), we do plan to open it for 3rd party usage in 2022.2. There are currently no planned changes for 2022.1 release, but between 2022.1 and 2022.2 there might be required changes for "opening" the API.

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Hi Yann,

thanks for the update. I know it shouldn't be used yet but when working with it felt very stable and as I said, by far the easiest way so far work with YAML document structures.

Good to hear that it'll be available somewhere later in the year.

Kr, Tim


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