Run Gradle task from plugin action



I'm creating a plugin which will reformat a file via a gradle task (e.g. gradle formatApply <filepath>). What is the preferred way to execute a gradle task in the background from a plugin -- in particular when that task is used to reformat code?

I tried using `GeneralCommandLine` witih `CapturingAnsiEscapesAwareProcessHandler`, but get:

Synchronous execution on EDT: ./gradlew ...

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!



I figured out that this works:

  GradleExecuteTaskAction.runGradle(myProject, null, Objects.requireNonNull(myProject.getBasePath()),
String.format("-filepath=\"%s\" applyFormatting", fileToProcess.getVirtualFile().getPath()));

The only issue with it is it causes the terminal to pop up with the running command, which some users probably won't want. Any chance there's a way to make this show as an async task with a progress bar rather than the terminal showing?


I got the following to work as well:

ExternalSystemTaskExecutionSettings settings = new ExternalSystemTaskExecutionSettings();
settings.setScriptParameters(String.format("-filepath=\"%s\"", fileToProcess.getVirtualFile().getPath()));

ExternalSystemUtil.runTask(settings, DefaultRunExecutor.EXECUTOR_ID, myProject, GradleConstants.SYSTEM_ID);

However, even though 


is set, the window showing the output of the gradle task and its status still pops up :(



I figured it out! I found a different signature for `runTask`, and if you call `ExternalSystemUtil.runTask` as follows:

ExternalSystemUtil.runTask(settings, DefaultRunExecutor.EXECUTOR_ID, myProject, GradleConstants.SYSTEM_ID,
null, ProgressExecutionMode.IN_BACKGROUND_ASYNC, false);

The gradle task kicks off and runs in the background without the tool window!

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