How can I migrate my TODOs to Youtrack Issues


I have currently a few hundred TODOs in PHPstorm.

Just launched a demo account in Youtrack and it looks really nice.

Now my question is how can I migrate a TODO into a new Issue in Youtrack? And would that also mention in which file and where the TODO is?

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I'm Sergey from the YouTrack team. 

I'm afraid, that's currently not possible. We have a related feature request in our public tracker: Please feel free to vote for this issue. This helps us gauge how much impact this feature will have on our customer base, and you’ll also get subscribed to the issue’s notifications. To do so, sign in to Jetbrains YouTrack and hit 👍. 

In general, you can learn about YouTrack and IDE integration's features here: (see the related sections in the sidebar as well). 

If any questions appear, let me know. 


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