Pycharm is very laggy. Lags every time I switch to a different app and back to pycharm.

Version: 2021.3.1
OS: MacOS (Chip: Apple M1 Max)
MacOS: 12.1
Ram: 64GB

Here's what's in my vmoptions:

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Hi, is there a reason to set -Xms so high? Does the issue reproduce if you set it to a more sane -Xms128m ?

If so, please submit an issue to with Logs from **Help | Collect Logs and Diagnostic Data** and CPU snapshot according to 


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It's not insane, so let's not be a goofball. A quick google search will pull up plenty of examples of higher values and Oracles own docs provide an example for large applications using Xms3584m.

But to answer your question, yes, I tried setting it to 128 and the issue seems to show up faster. I'll submit an issue.

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I'm sorry, didn't mean any sort of goofballing (Poor choice of a word "sane" on my part). Raising -Xms or -Xmx significantly above the defaults have been shown to cause GC issues in some cases.

Please ping me with the link to the issue, I'll try to process it ASAP.

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I appreciate the help. I'm gonna create a new issue, but let me know if I should be posting my logs under an existing related issue!

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I tried installing a newer JDK and it's working as expected now!!

For anyone that had this issue, this is the JDK I updated to:

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Thanks, glad to hear the issue is resolved. 

By the way, build 1751.21 is the default build that comes with the 2021.3.1 version. 

It seems that, for some reason, your IDE was using the older build. 


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