Disable GIT remote access?


Is there a way to turn off git access to remote repo in CLion?

I looked under Version Control in settings and didn't see anything.



Could you elaborate please? What do you mean by "turning off git access to remote repo"?


I do not actually use the git integration on CLion.  

I don't mind (actually I like the feedback) that the files in the project explorer show as untracked, modfied, or unmodified, but I could live without that if that is the only way to disable Git in CLion.

Is there any way to disable GIT totally, or tell it not to access the remote repo.   Accessing the remote repo can sometimes slow it way down and I use a different toolchain for all my actual GIT operations.  Also I often work disconnected from the remote repo (origin) so telling CLion not to access it would be great. 


Please go to File | Settings | Version Control | Directory Mappings, select the directory mapping and use the "minus" button to remove it. Does it help?


Hah, ok I did not think to look there.   So that's totally disabling GIT which is not the greatest but I'll take it.. 

Thank you.



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