DataSpell on Windows cant Connect self Notebook

I didn't know it was a bug. or my own mistake

But when to start. It Respond with 403.

But if open **http://localhost:8888/** directly in the browser, it can display the notebook normally without entering a token or password.

On Mac it works fine. by the same method

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Hi, could you please submit the issue to ?

It will be easier to investigate there.

If you do, please provide Logs from **Help | Collect Logs and Diagnostic Data** after reproducing the issue. 

Also, if you made any changes to the Jupyter configuration (default file is ~/.jupyter/, please indicate that as well.

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I´m facing the same problem.

I have already created a password following the instructions on JetBrains site but after inputing it the system didn´t accepted.


Charles Duarte


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