Directory mappings between local server and source code


Please, how to I must map directory between local source and apache/php server on my local computer?

Local code source my project is in d:/source and this folder contains subdirectory www.

PHP/Apache is in my local computer under wsl 2, docker container apache-php, and pages from source are accessed in browser under localhost.

Root document is set /www/html/source/www in apache server.

The problem is that when I set a break point in source code, phpstorm stops but can't determine the source file and line, and during next stepping in debugger do not show where is in code.

Jaroslav Zeman


Here's an article about that:

Don't hesitate to ask questions if you have any after you read the article.


The only role that WSL2 plays in your setup is to provide a Linux VM for Docker, you can basically ignore it. The paths that matter are d:/source (IDE) and /www/html/source (web server).


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