How to obtain PID pf a SpringBoot application


I apologize if this is a duplicate or a continuation of other threads, but unfortunately after sifting through tons of posts I came back empty handed.

As I mentioned in a comment to another post, I came up with a partial solution (or more like a workaround) to obtain a PID of a process being debugged. However, since I need to support pretty much any Maven or Gradle-based configuration, I ran into a problem where the application is actually a SpringBoot app launched using Maven command, e.g. `mvn spring-boot:run`. In this case SpringBoot forks the Java process, so the process I can obtain is the PID of the launcher, not the actual Java / SpringBoot app. So I'm wondering if there's any better way to do it. The Ultimate version of IDEA supports SpringBoot, so it must be possible. Any thoughts?

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com.intellij.debugger.impl.attach.JavaDebuggerAttachUtil#getAttachedPids might be a starting point



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