Running artisan command returns error=2 on cloned project


I have pulled a new project via git onto my local machine and created a new project in PhpStorm to open the app, in my projects I am able to run "php artisan" commands in Run Anything prompt. I have setup my project config to allow me to do the same for this new project however when I execute any commands I get the following error:

The file artisan does exist in the given directory, when I run the exact same "php artisan" command in the terminal they execute fine. I have compared the file permissions between an existing project where `artisan` works and can confirm the permissions are exactly the same.


Could you please show screenshots of the full unobfuscated command run generated in IDE vs the same command run in terminal? 

If you can't share this publically - please share it with us privately via Help | Contact Support


Dmitry Tronin I have submitted a ticket now with the full path ways.


It turned out the path to the tool was a bit incorrect. The issue is fixed now.


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