Trying to use a remote development feature from my laptop and my PC. Faced code-with-me 30 minutes session limit.

Steps to reproduce:
1. Install the Jetbrains Gateway on laptop [device A]
2. Run the IDE backend (based on PhpStorm) on dedicated VPS via Jetbrains Gateway
3. Open remote development session with Jetbrains Gateway (via the Client) + enter the valid offline activation ode
4. Install the Jetbrains PhpStorm on PC [device B] + enter the same valid offline activation code
5. Request the code-with-me link on the laptop [device A] using the feature that allows us to dropdown IDE Backend from the Client (seems feature name is "Projector")
6. Connect from PC [device B] using this code-with-me link

7. Wait for 30 minutes. You will see the message about limited code-with-me session time.

But why? I have a commercial PhpStorm license (AFAIK It's enough to have no code-with-me session time limits). Both device A and device B have the same user name.

I don't understand. Why I can't just connect to the IDE backend from multiple devices without explicitly using code-with-me. That is so annoying for me to do host approval each time when connecting PC [device B]. It requires too much action: dropdown to IDE backend, generate code-with-me link, send this link to my PC, open the link from PC, make host approval using the projected backend IDE UI, close the backend IDE UI. That is awful!

IDE backend on VPS is installed under the user, which is different from the users of device A and device B, can this affect?

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Do you have PhpStorm installed locally? 

If you don't - please check if installing PhpStorm & then opening the project remotely works that way.


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