Awful UX of the remote development process (using multiple devices)

Currently, we do not have the ability to connect simultaneously from multiple devices to the IDE backend (remote development feature). We should use one remote development session and one code-with-me session for this purpose. This limitation makes us suffer.

It requires too much actions to connect additional devices using code-with-me:
1. dropdown to the IDE backend (using the Projector from the Client UI perspective)
2. generate code-with-me link inside the backed IDE UI
3. send this link to new participants

4. open the link (from the new participant perspective)
5. make a "host approval" (using the Projector from the Client UI again)
6. close the backend IDE UI projection.

That is awful! We want just connect and work in sync between our devices without any knowledge about all this vendor-specific technologies and marketing things.

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