screen jumps in Jupyter while I'm typing


I'm using Jupyter notebook in PyCharm on Ubuntu.

I have a cell with some results below it. When I type, PyCharm scrolls to the end of results and when I type another letter it scrolls back.

It's so annoying this way.

Does anyone know how to fix this?

This is what happens:




thank you for reporting this. I have added the provided screencast in addition to existing bug behaviour , please follow it to be notified once it is fixed.  


I also ran into the same issue as Amirhoseinrahmati , I have a fix/work-around that at least works for me.

I don't think it's related to . At least the buggy behavior is different. In our case, the screen scroll-jumps after every character we type at the end of a cell (pretty hard to work like that..)

After some debugging, I think the cause for our issue might be related to the Vim emulation plug-in. Commenting out "set scrolloff=5" from my .vimrc file that I source from .ideavimrc finally did the trick for me.

Perhaps something to fix in ? But for now I just limit myself to making a copy of my .vimrc (.vimrc_for_jetbrains) with that line removed and sourcing that one from .ideavimrc  ..maybe just adding "set scrolloff=0" at the end of .ideavimrc instead might do the trick as well..

Hope that helps



Thank you Lws Sago.

Disabling IdeaVim worked for me.


set scrolloff=0 in ideavimrc worked for me


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