What is the recommended approach for testing DocumentationProvider I've added for my language support plugin?



I've added a documentation provider for my language support plugin: https://github.com/xonixx/intellij-awk/blob/main/src/main/java/intellij_awk/AwkDocumentationProvider.java. All seems to work good, I can test it manually in IDE. 

But I would like to have this functionality unit-tested. I would prefer the E2E test of type: "take a sample source code and make sure that for the element under cursor the Ctrl-Q shortcut shows expected data". Lots of similar functionlity can be tested using CodeInsightTestFixture but I don't see any means of testing the documentation logic there.

What can be a recommended approach here? 


Hi, Volodymyr!

You may try accessing your provider with:

DocumentationProvider provider = DocumentationManager.getProviderFromElement(element);

and then assert the returned value i.e., from

provider.getQuickNavigateInfo(docElement, getOriginalElement())

Check ThemeJsonDocumentationProviderTest test as an example.


Thank you Jakub!

This indeed seems to be very close to what I need.

Upd. Was able to add the tests I needed: https://github.com/xonixx/intellij-awk/blob/main/src/test/java/intellij_awk/AwkDocumentationProviderTests.java


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