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Hello everyone,

I want to make the PyCharm Community version portable with Interpreter settings. That means for example, i have python with all my libs, some external libs, my Projects and the IDE in one Folder and i want to put this folder everywhere, for example on an usb stick and from there to an linux pc and run my projects from there.

when i put the folder to an usb stick the interpreter path and paths to my libs must be changed manually. Is there an opion to do it automatically or with a batch-file? The paths have to be specified somewhere in the PyCharm-folder, but i dont know where i can find them?

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The interpreter settings are stored in options/jdk.table.xml in the configuration directory , you can edit it there. 

Please note it's highly not recommended. It may work with simple libraries, but more complex may fail. Instead, it's recommended to save your dependencies in a file, e.g. by using `pip freeze > requirements.txt` and re-install the libraries on another system with `pip install -r requirements.txt`. 

Alternatively, develop a project in a remote environment that can be accessed from any computer.


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