Git branch tree view text filter doesn't check branch names

I'm trying to filter the list to a branch so it'll show in the tree view, but apparently the branch name is not one of the things the filter searches:

I know the branch is in there somewhere (it's an older one), and I'd like the filter to show the commit that the branch is on while I'm still in "Branch: All" mode, so I can also see contextually where it is in the tree and with other branches.

Am I thinking about this wrong?

I know the "Branch: All" drop-down lets me filter by branch, but that will only show that branch's tree, not within context of branches outside of it (like with "Branch: All").

Wouldn't it be good for the text filter to let me type in or paste a branch name (or part of it) and filter results (commits) that contain the term in the branch name (even if it's only on origin)?


Well, this is how it works at the moment and this input box does not accept branch names as (as you have fairly noticed) there is a separate branch filter right nearby.

Nevertheless, if you believe that the search input box should have better capabilities, I would suggest submitting a corresponding YouTrack report.


> this is how it works at the moment

I don't think I was saying that wasn't how it works... so I'm not understanding the point of this statement. Everything works the way it works. I'm assuming you're just saying "this is behaving as intended".

> there is a separate branch filter right nearby

Right, the problem is that loses time scope beyond that branch (all commits after it or outside of it are removed from view); that's part of the problem. I want to find the branch within context of the whole tree. As in, I type some text that is in the branch's name, and the tree goes to the commit of the branch that best matches. I don't know if this is UX feasible or impossible, but I was hoping to find a better way to go to a branch in the tree while keeping context without having to select the branch from the drop-down, note the date, then select 'All' and try to find that branch by date if it doesn't stick to where the branch is in the tree... note that commit dates in git are not necessarily in order, they can be mixed up based on how things are committed.


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