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Been using VS code for many years, which can directly access a remote host using SSH and develop remotely. However I can't see to find a way to do this with CLion.

I downloaded Jetbrains gateway  (not sure if this is the way?), unpacked tar.gz and ran but it asks me for IDE version, it says it needs to download and install CLion again? My CLion IDE was installed through Ubuntu software.



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There are two different approaches:

  1. The Full Remote Mode in CLion -
    In this case CLion should be installed locally; the source code should be located locally (CLion will automatically synchronize it to remote host); CLion operations, such as indexing, will happen locally; build/run/debug procedures will be performed on the remote machine.
  2. JetBrains Gateway - 
    In this case you don't even have to have CLion installed on your local machine. JetBrains Gateway deploys the CLion backend on the remote machine and everything happens there, including indexing and other CLion operations.

Feel free to read, it also highlights the differences between these two approaches.


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