Feature request: Add an onboarding tour to Phpstorm similar to the tour from Goland and Pycharm

Some devs use Phpstorm just as text editor, because known't about his power abilities. Many features is not trivial for finding, and commonly devs know about his, from more expertise colleague.

Goland and Pycharm has a quick interactive onboarding tour for learn most popular features, posibilities and shortcuts of IDE. I think it's awesome feature of IDE, which allow increase efficient of developers, who works with Phpstorm on early starting his way.


Unfotunually this plugin provide just example project with exercises in comments of code. Onboarding tour from GoLand or PyCharm has much more interactivity, as example see screenshots:



Feel free to post your Feature Request to PhpStorm's Issue Tracker at https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issues/WI

(I remember seeing something in this direction quite some time ago but cannot find it right now. Perhaps it was for another IDE)


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