I don't understand "How to enable DEBUG/TRACE logging?"


Hi! I'm trying to use "com.intellij.openapi.diagnostic.Logger", but I do not see any "debug" logs in the console when running tests.

  • I created a Logger using "ocaml.sdk-provider"
  • In "Help > Diagnostic Tools > Debug Log Settings", I have "ocaml.sdk-provider"

This is what is explained in IDE Infrastructure | IntelliJ Platform Plugin SDK (jetbrains.com). According to the FAQ, Testing FAQ | IntelliJ Platform Plugin SDK (jetbrains.com), I should "Set system properties idea.log.debug.categories or idea.log.trace.categories, respectively.". I'm not sure what it means, so I tried this,

public void testLogger() {
SystemProperties.setProperty("idea.log.debug.categories", "ocaml.sdk-provider");
Logger instance = Logger.getInstance("ocaml.sdk-provider");
instance.debug("log: a message");
System.out.println("print: a message");

Unfortunately, there is nothing aside that

I think I'm missing something, but I lack the knowledge to find what (I want to see the logs in the console, to ensure that I added enough tests, because the "data flow" is the one that I expected). Can someone give me some pointers, please?


You need to pass in the system properties when invoking the tests, e.g. from Gradle build via "systemProperty" for your "test" task.


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