CLion 2021.3.1 broke my Docker toolchain interface


I had a support request regarding this issue. The support team confirmed the issue and answered that the problem will most likely be remedied in 2022.1, but I just want to post here as well to inform the community in case anyone has similar issues.


I use the Docker toolchain in CLion for developing ROS-code. The ROS dependencies requires me to source a setup script in the entrypoint of the toolchain image. This worked fine in 2021.3, but was broken in 2021.3.1. I figured out that the entrypoint of the image was completely bypassed after that update. I suspect CPP-27316 is the culprit.


I think it's worrying that the interface is changed so significantly without proper documentation. Thankfully I believe JetBrains will sort the issue out by adding options for the Docker toolchain command (CPP-27348).


I temporarily fixed this by rolling back to 2021.3


Glenn Bitar

You might be able to use a toolchain environment script to replicate your ENTRYPOINT command as a workaround for this until CPP-27348 is resolved.

Permanently deleted user

Glenn Bitar

The "container options" functionality ( ) is available in latest CLion EAP.

You can remove `--entrypoint` option and I suppose it helps with your case.


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