Library roots / sdk filter roots


Hi! In Java, we got an icon next to each library root. I was wondering what is causing this? I'm also wondering if it's possible to filter the files in each library root.

I currently have something like this, and there are files that shouldn't be listed here

I'm currently using this to add a root,

sdkModificator.addRoot(libraryRoot, OrderRootType.CLASSES);

I'm also wondering, should I ask this kind of question somewhere else? I only have a JetBrains account, so I'm not using StackOverflow or Slack.


Hi Quentin,

  1. You can alter library root icons with com.intellij.projectViewNodeDecorator extension point.
  2. You can hide unwanted tree nodes with com.intellij.treeStructureProvider extension point.
  3. This is the only official public support channel, so you are more than welcome to ask questions here.

Understood! Thanks, I will check these.


I implemented both and it works! Thanks!


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