Terraform plugin: Cannot locate module locally, unknown reason

Not sure where this should be logged as a bug, since I don't think it's specific to Rubymine. The Terraform/HCL plugin is not resolving local modules anymore. That is, RM highlights the block as having an issue and the tooltip says "Cannot locate module locally, unknown reason"

I saw at least a couple of other notes about this behavior on the plugin's review page[1].

RM gives you the option to "terraform get", which succeeds but doesn't change RM's ability to see the module. Terraform itself runs perfectly fine - can see/load all the necessary modules, etc.

I've had idea.log open, but I don't see any information about this problem showing up there. Happy to log a bug in YT, but not clear where that belongs. Thanks!

[1] https://plugins.jetbrains.com/plugin/7808-terraform-and-hcl


Hello Richard,

Could you please submit your issue on our platform's tracker attaching the log (you can restrict its visibility to jetbrains-team only):


Terraform related issues go to the platform with the corresponding tag. 


It looks like the modules.json file has changed in tf 1.1.0, see https://github.com/VladRassokhin/intellij-hcl/issues/365#issuecomment-996019841 for a solution that _might_ help


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