Can't even start a trial


Ok, it's pretty simple, I want to try out PyCharm, which offers a trial version. As far as most non-browser programs are concerned, the machine is offline and there's no way in hell I'm letting PyCharm randomly access the web.

So, what are the next hoops I have to jump through in order to FINALLY test the damn product? Does JetBrains want to have clients? What's up with mandatory online access?

Can a kind soul help me find the right hoops still waiting for me? I'm eager to jump and sing and clap my hands before I am rewarded. Or is it hopeless and I should just eff off and keep a mental note that JetBrains wasted my time and polluted my Windows registry due to deplorable control freak policies?

Thanks for any advice :)

PS: Using PyCharm 2021.3.1 on Windows 7


EDIT: Sorry, it might not be exhaustive enough. I created a JetBrains account hoping to retrieve some trial offline activation code or whatever, but couldn't find anything. Offline activation codes are apparently a thing for purchased licenses, which is great unless you can't even try out what you'd be purchasing first. (e.g. is it good, lightweight enough, does it play nice with the machine it's running on, does it beat the competition?)

So, trial offline activation is the central concern here. Probably need to retrieve it from my JetBrains account in the browser and then paste it into PyCharm. Unless JetBrains wants to be user hostile, who knows in this day and age where the users are owned by the product's companies.



Well, according to this, I can go eat my shoes and forget about PyCharm. Is that right? (Community edition won't do, things like the scientific tools are what attracted me.)


you should go through the following alternative procedure obtaining an IDE authorization token in the browser. You will need to copy a link provided in the product, open it in your browser, go through the account login or creation process, and paste the IDE authorization token you obtain back into the product to activate it. In order to finish the authorization process, the IDE should be able to connect to JBA with the obtained one-time token.

If access to JetBrains Account is not possible from the IDE or the browser, you'll need to troubleshoot the connection to obtain your trial license.

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