Selenium Keywords Are Not Resolved Even if Selenium Plug-in is Installed - IntelliJ bug?

I have a problem with the latest version of IntelliJ (Ultimate 2021.3.1).

I am using Selenium and I have already added the Selenium plug-in, but the Selenium keywords are not recognized and are showing red or error. For By: Cannot resolve symbol 'By'.

I have already updated to the latest version. What is surprising is the project is rebuilding even if there are symbols that cannot be resolved and build reports no error.

Please see the attached GIF (IntelliJ_2021.03_Selenium_bug.gif).

I have another IntelliJ version in a VM and it works without Selenium errors indicated. Please see the attached: IntelliJ_2021.02_Selenium_Is_Good.gif.



IntelliJ_2021.03_Selenium_bug.gif has upload id 2022_01_25_3pdwudcy7ukHoASr.

IntelliJ_2021.02_Selenium_Is_Good.gif has upload id 2022_01_25_GaWPTeq55GUYfLKs.



Yes, there is a bug when using Selenium in IntelliJ IDEA 2021.3.1 (Ultimate Edition). I am not sure why, but, yesterday, suddenly, all the Selenium keywords became red and 'cannot resolve symbol ...'.

Please see my uploaded GIFs.

I reverted back to 2021.2.4 and my Selenium keywords are now not red and my test passed.

Uploaded: IntelliJ--2021.2.4--Selenium_Is_Good.png (2022_01_25_a4PLGRcoMNox4WD2), IntelliJ--2021.2.4--SS-3809--PASSED.png (2022_01_25_J7SxzBTLjSm6ZuRb).

I hope I can still see my uploads here so others can see.


Sorry, your files aren't visible here.


What could be the problem with Selenium in 2021.3 Ultimate version even if the Selenium plug-in is installed?


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