How do you mark a class as deprecated?

What is the proper way to get pycharm to mark a class as being deprecated?  I've seen functions and methods get crossed out, but I can't seem to get classes to appear with the strike through.

Anyone have insight as to possible Preferences settings or code changes to make this possible?

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Hi, I haven't found an existing request for it, so I created a new one:

Feel free to vote. 

You can also vote for the deprecation decorator support:

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The reason to not erase a class and deprecate instead is to adhere to some "politeness policies" when your code is an estabished API and then is consumed by third parties. If you deprecate instead of erase, you give consumers a life cycle policy (e.g., maintenance and existence of the classes until version X.X) in order to allow them to plan a proper migration to your new API.


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