runIdeForUiTests with a zipped plugin


When working with IntelliJ, you are able to install a plugin from disk. This process will take your zip file and add the plugin to the IDE; however when running runIdeForUiTests, the new IDE process generated from the run will be clean without the plugin currently added to your environment. How could I get runIdeForUiTests to run with the zipped plugin?

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That's odd. Could you please file an issue in the Gradle IntelliJ Plugin issues tracker?

Please also provide as many details of your configuration as possible.

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Hi Jakub,

Thank you for responding to my message. I don't think what I am experiencing is an issue, but more of a question on configuration.

Steps that provide an example of what I did and what I am attempting to do:

  1. Download scala:
  2. Clone JetBrain's UI robot: JetBrains/intellij-ui-test-robot: The library allows you to write and execute UI tests among IntelliJ IDEA. You can test your Plugin. (
  3. Open JetBrain's UI robot with IntelliJ 2021.3
  4. Go to File > Settings > Plugins > Install plugins from disk and add the downloaded plugin.
  5. Restart
  6. Using Gradle view in IntelliJ, right-click run ui-test-example > Tasks > intellij > runIdeForUiTests and run runIdeForUiTests.

Current Behavior:

  • New Ide opens from the runIdeForUiTests run. When you check the plugins installed, scalla is not installed in that newly opened Ide from the runIdeForUiTests run, but it is installed in my workspace Ide.

The above steps do not allow for the Ide generated from the runIdeForUiTests run to have the zipped plugin, so I was wondering how could I set up the gradle or intellij configuration in order for the ide that is generated by the runIdeForUiTests run to have the zipped plugins I want installed upon opening.

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runIdeForUiTests task is not supposed to work like that. You don't have to download Scala or UI Robot plugins and install them manually.

The mentioned task runs against your current project starts a new instance of the IDE for testing with your plugin loaded.

To have the Scala plugin also be installed during such a run, you have to set it as a dependency to your plugin, so it'll be downloaded automatically when spinning the runIde/runIdeForUiTests/etc. tasks.


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