The lack of python.jar/python-ce.jar in IntelliJ Platform Plugin SDK cause a error of resovle plugin depends 'com.intellij.modules.python'


Issue Description

When we create a new IntelliJ Platform Plugin SDK from PyCharm Pro/PyCharm Community root, the core lib python.jar/python-ce.jar will not be imported automatically in to it.

This jar provides module 'com.intellij.modules.python' and classes in package `com.jetbrains.python`, which are necessary for a PyCharm plugin.



After the SDK created, add classpath manually in the Project Structure -> Platform Settings -> SDK -> Classpath

PyCharm Pro: 
PyCharm Community: 
IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate(After installing python plugin): 
Others(After download *.zip file of python plugin and extract it): 
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This is why the DevKit approach is not supported in favor of building plugins using the Gradle build system.

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Thank you, That's is import for me


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