Pycharm debug session wont terminate when I have a selenium project

Something perhaps in the way the selenium driver wrapper hangs about means I often have to end-task Pycharm if I am debugging a selenium python project. This happened to me before and after re-installing Windows. Writing this up here in case someone else sees and also has some clues. Pretty sure it's the way I'm using chromedriver and a good few other modules together. It only happens in some of my selenium projects, so will be hard to reproduce.

Does not happen if I just run the app not in debug, but the minute I run in debug, after the debug session ends (the app never exits for some reason), there is thus a zombie process somewhere, and I have to kill Pycharm totally in order to use breakpoints again.


Yeah I saw it very much and unfortunately didn't found what is the issue. Every time I have to kill PyCharm from Taskmanager.
I think this is related to PyDev (Python Debugger) , because Python Runner is not throwing this issue. 



It seems like a known problem that has been confirmed, please vote for the ticket in order to be notified on any updates. 


I think this is a correct link to the issue as the above linky 404 for me

a minimal repro has been added to the ticket, so will try that out tonight, because the issue stopped for me after I completely reconfigured the project that was doing this to use different modules and load selenium in a somewhat different way, will try tonight and add a vote on the ticket.


The link that you mentioned before is also doesn't open for me. Anyway 
I can easily reproduce this issue, and the problem is that actually by hitting on the Red Skull button PyCharm should kill all the "chromedriver.exe" but it won't happen. 
So when it goes to stuck on this, if you end task (kill) all the chromedriver.exe from Windows Task manager the problem will resolved 

Here is the videoshot of what I mean (Link is shared to public)

Antonina Belianskaya


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