Moving file tab to the other side hides Find buttons on left-side file

Moving a file tab to the right doesn't shrink the Find bar enough to show the buttons (that were showing before)... every time I do this, I have to click the end of the search line to get the buttons to show again. This is super-annoying:

Sorry I'm not sure if there's already a ticket filed for this, I have trouble finding things in YouTracker or whatever.

I don't see any sense in leaving this huge wide open empty space in the text bar by hiding the buttons... just to keep the mostly-empty text bar length the same or as long as possible?! I rarely ever need that much area anyway.


> Moving a file tab to the right doesn't shrink the Find bar

Could you please elaborate? By default Find window opens for me this way:

Aslo, you can just drag the find field side to resize it:


> By default Find window opens for me this way

I know; that's not an issue; I'm not complaining about that. You're not even as far as the problem yet.

The Find box is already open; then I right-click another file tab and click Split and Move Right; then the Find box in the original tab truncates the buttons (hides them) to keep the text box as wide as possible, which is mostly empty space; and I have to click the separator bar to show the buttons again.

I don't know how to further elaborate with a picture or animation, sorry. You're just gonna have to try what I said that I'm doing first.


Thanks for the clarification. I've reported this as - please vote for it in order to get notified about its updates & increase its priority. 


Oh! OK, thank you. I wasn't sure if it was even a bug... and I struggle finding/reporting bugs on YouTrack sometimes.


No worries, you're welcome! 


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