About Full remote, custom build target, docker and indexer ...

Hi everyone,

So we are facing some issues with CLion.

Basically, we use a build server through ssh with a custom Makefile which will run custom make targets, which will mainly run cmake + make inside temporary docker instances in a Build directory.

We are cross-compiling, so we have a need to source an env_setup.sh environment script which will define per target build (like arch, toolchain etc ...), then run make which will launch a docker instance for each build target, then run cmake inside it ...

So far, no combination of Remote toolchain / Custom build targets / Makefile target, etc, allowed us to perform a simple build.

We could use CLion as a simple editor to synchronize local/remote files and run build manually through a terminal with ssh, we're used to this workflow anyway.

Biggest problem we see is that the CLion code indexer doesn't seem to trigger if we don't get a successful build.

Now this is very problematic, since most of us are used to ctrl + click to go to function definition etc ...

So 2 questions :

- Is there any way we could configure our custom build with CLion ?

- In case it's too complicated, is it possible to trigger CLion indexer on local files without a working toolchain / build environment ?





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