DataGrip equivalent to SQL search


Is there an existing way or extension available that does the same job as SQL search (

Maybe I haven't looked hard enough but I can't seem to find anything.

I've only recently moved to using DataGrip connecting to a redshift cluster. Using the SQL search extension in SSMS in the past I was able to search an entire database for a specific line of text (tables, views, stored procedures etc.) and I want to do the same in DataGrip.

Specific use case is to search every routine/procedure for a specific line of text.


Take a look at Search Everywhere action (invoked by double Shift press)


Hi Vasily, thanks for your reply. Unfortunately this doesn't search through the code within the routines. The closest solution I found is that you can right click on an item and select 'Find Usages' - this will show you which routines that specific item is used in. However I don't know how I could get the same result for a specific line of text as you can with redgates 'SQL Search' extension to SSMS.


Jack Elliott,

Could you also try Find in Files action?
Pay attention to search scope:


Great vasily chernov - this is exactly what I'm looking for. Thank you for your help!


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