Moving side panels vertically requires pixel precision

When trying to adjust the size of one of the side panels, as in, hovering the mouse over the top bar to expand or shrink it up or down, the only time I get the cursor to allow me to left-click and drag is when it's on a single pixel line separating the panels... this is insanely frustrating, like a game of dull darts for low-pressure balloons at a theme park:

Unfortunately the screenshot doesn't show the mouse pointer or drag cursor (I'm not sure how to do that yet), but you can try it yourself.

This shouldn't be difficult... it should be easy. Especially when mice or touchpads don't all have pixel-perfect accuracy all of the time (especially wireless ones).

So, how do we make this easy? Does this require filing a ticket as a feature request? This really is something that should be easy out of the box, like most interfaces that allow dragging separators.

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Actually, there is a very similar report on YouTrack:

As far as I have noticed, it happens when there is a horizontal scroll in the Project tool window.


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