Trouble connecting to docker via ssh


Hi, I really hope someone can help. I know this might be more of a docker issue, but maybe there is someone who had similar problems.

I have a VM running Ubuntu with docker and I´d like to connect to it in PyCharm. I created an ssh config in PyCharm which works fine but when I try to connect to docker with this ssh config I get an error " unexpected end of stream on" (Unfortunately PyCharm cuts the rest of the message).

What am I missing here? Any help appreciated.


Ok, that took a while :-) but it`s actually not that difficult. The docker engine has to be managable by a non-root user (the ssh user connected to the vm, server,...). To enable this, a group "docker" has to be created and the user has to be added to the group.

  1. $ sudo groupadd docker
    $ sudo usermod -aG docker $USER

Hans-Florian Piecha, thanks for decision :) After this commands error reproduces. I close my IDE (IntellijIDEA, PhpStorm, etc) and restart them. After that all be fine :)


To elaborate on @MagicianAndWizard's answer, one must restart the machine where docker is installed, not necessarily restart IDE.  


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