Making plugin for automatic insertion of comment for CLION intellij IDEA using JAVA

I want to build a plugin to my intellij, that when I'm pressing ALT+A it will automatically add to the end of the code line(column 86 probably).

It's gonna be a comment that build like: "myChangeA",

that when myChange is a constant that I define to the plugin, and A is a indication that I add this line. ePayitonline

When I press ALT+C, it will be myChangeC, to indicate that I changed this line,

and if I press ALT+D it will be myChangeD5,

as D for delete, and 5 for the number of lines that were deleted here(it will do it automatically when I mark the lines, and then press ALT+D, and it will delete them and at the same time count the number of lines that were deleted.

Does anyone has an idea how to implement it, and do I need to use maven or gradle?

Thank you:)

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