IntelliJ IDEA(2017.1.2 EAP) : Asking user name and password for subversion every time

Is there any way to force the IDE to remember the username and password, so I do not have to reenter them again after restart?

Ticking the box(Save credentials) on the pop-up windows did not help...

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Hello Bayerruff

When it comes to remembering SVN credentials, IDE relies on the SVN command line client to do this. it is not IntelliJ that saves the password in this case, the Remember checkbox in the login prompt dialog controls the --no-auth-cache flag of the svn command. When the checkbox is not set, the flag is added to the command to make sure svn does not save auth data.

To solve this you should probably edit ~/.subversion/config and make sure store-auth-creds = yes (or not set), and password-stores is set to something supported on your system. If password-stores is not saved, credentials should be saved in simple storage, which means hashed in ~/.subversion/auth/svn.simple


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