CLion should have same features that Rider for Unreal Engine



It's a simple suggestion, but I work with both IDEs and I've saw that don't have the same features, regardless both are focused to C++.

For example: Rider suggest to add "const" for parmeters but CLion don't.

IMHO Rider have better static analysis than CLion.

What do you think?

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100% agree and I wonder if anyone will reply to this and give a reasonable explanation that makes sense. Personally, I can't see a single reason.

The ideal thing would be to just merge Clion with Rider and all will be fixed - At least keep some consistency between the two as a minimum. One uses Clion for C++ and uses Rider for C++ with Unreal so how do these products not have the same functionality and why... just why?

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If you're talking about the specific UE language support: please see this thread.

If you're talking about the general C++ language support: due to some historical reasons, CLion and Rider for UE use different C++ language engines. Rider uses the ReSharper C++ language engine, while CLion uses its own built-in language engine and clangd. We are working on incorporating ReSharper C++ code insight into CLion, but it's still work in progress.


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