MySQL/MariaDB: database and table informations


After some month of use I'm quite happy with DataGrip. There's some task which still force me to use my previous database client (SQLYog).

  1. Where I can find tables informations for a database? I look for something similar to the output of SHOW TABLE STATUS FROM mydb WHERE ENGINE IS NOT NULL; with info about sizes (data and indexes), row count, and the engine used, is there any in DataGrip?
  2. Same as above but for the host? Something like SHOW STATUS;
  3. On creating a table, is there a way to set the table engine other than manually adding the ENGINE clause in the statement?




1. No, here is feature request

2. Another one

3. At the moment no but we are working on new table editor, where that should be available.


Thank for your answers, Yuriy.

I placed a thumb up on the first feature request because it's the most important for me. I am waiting for future DataGrip upgrades.


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