Preview selected statement before sending to the console


Hi! I have been working on a REPL console for some time, and I'm able to send a statement to the console, given the position of the cursor.

In the previous case, it's highly likely that the user wants to send the whole statement, so I want something like this menu in SQL to pick which statement should be sent to the console. Unfortunately, I can't find the classes that are doing this.


While I'm on it, I can't seem to find a way to increase the font of my console (by default), and CTRL+mouse wheel isn't working, while it does in the rust console, or in the R console (but, I looked at the code for a while, without finding how they did that 🥲 ).


Thanks in advance!


Hi Quentin,

  1. This is not part of the platform API, but you can take a look and get inspiration from:
  2. It should be handled by Increase/Decrease Font Size editor action. Make sure you have shortcuts set for this action (Settings/Preferences / Keymap: Editor Actions/Increase Font Size, etc.)

Nice, still great news, I will check that, thanks!


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