Automatically replacing quotes with backticks

On my previous Ubuntu computer, whenever I had a string like 'foobar', and replaced one of the quotes with a backtick, `, the other one would automatically follow and be replaced.

On my new Mac M1 Pro running Webstorm 2021, this does not happen. Whenever I replace one of the quotes, the other one stays behind (and even worse, sometimes my intention is misunderstood and when changing the other quote manually, it's replaced by _two_ backticks).

Did this feature go away, and if so why? Or how do I enable it on my Mac? 


It had never worked this way... Related feature request:

There is Replace with template string intention available on Alt+Enter that converts a quoted string into template string; also if you have Smart Keys -> Surround Selection on typing quote or brace enabled, you can select the string, for example, using 'Expand Selection', and then type a backquote to get the quotes replaced with backquotes, e.g.:
var z = /*selection start*/"foo ${bar}"/*selection end*/ -> type backquote -> var z = `foo ${bar}`


I'm very confused now. I've used this for _years_ on my previous computer. To my knowledge I had no custom add-in or something. When replacing one quote, the other one followed automatically. I am 100% sure. :) 

But smart keys seems like something I could give a try, maybe it fulfills my need. Thanks.


I can confirm Henrik Hall's experience. On my windows machine, when replacing one quote, the other one followed automatically. This no longer happens on my Mac M1 version of Webstorm


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