What is the best way to review a VCS branch in any of the IDEs?


I made a feature and wanted to review changes straight in the editor as a single changeset. I don't use internal built-in VCS features for maintaining my git branch, all i have is a master branch and my feature branch. How to review all the changes i made in a convenient form (not in the form of "diff" viewer which is a side-by-side comparer, it is not for review but for comparison, you don't see file tree, etc...)

The closest thing i see is to branch off the feature branch, squash into a single commit, soft reset to the previous (so you have all changes in a single changeset) and open up "All changed files" in the project view. It provides a tree of changed files, you can navigate through the source code to see changes, you can alter code and build it right away, in other words it gives all power of the IDE but there're downsides. To apply changes onto the original branch you have to create patches (it is enough to drop this approach as for me)

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Hello IC
You can go to branch popup (bottom right corner) and while you are on a feature branch, you can click on master branch and choose "Compare with master"
It will open a comparison window with commits that exist in one branch and not in another.
You can do Ctrl+A for all commits in one branch and then, on a right side, see a list of a files that were affected by these commits, so you can then double click on a file - it will open a diff for you. 
After that you can go through files by clicking on "next/previous change" button or you can click on Sandwich button (three horizontal lines) and it will open a file tree for you so you can navigate between files as well.


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