Community Idea not building due to productProperties.mavenArtifacts.additionalModules aren't found


I've checked out the master branch of community idea and android (as described in the and tried running 

ant build

from the Command-line. This fails with the error:

     [java] Total time: 58 minutes 32 seconds
     [java] build distributions (duration=249 ms, end=18:56:15.0030, error=The following modules from productProperties.mavenArtifacts.additionalModules aren't found in the project: [intellij.ide.starter, intellij.performanceTesting.commands, intellij.performanceTesting.maven.commands, intellij.performanceTesting.gradle.commands, intellij.dynamicPlugins.performanceTesting.commands])

I also tried pulling both masters from but same issue.

Do I miss any step in building the IDE? 


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Thanks for notifying us, please check again with master


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