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How can I push changes to a remote other than the "default" (origin) one? Our current dev chain has a local server (my current "origin") and a remote server for testing/reviews (created as "upstream" in .git/config). When I'm in dev process, I should always push to "origin", but then the feature branch (when ready to review) needs to go to "upstream". Today I need to do that on the terminal, as I cannot find an option to select the remote inside PhpStorm. I can see that long time ago this option was available (as shown in this old post: Also, I can see that we can still select the remote when pulling - but I cannot do the same when pushing.

Is there a way to change the remote when pushing? :)

Thanks in advance!


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Hello Thomas!

You can choose a remote to push to by clicking on its name in Push dialog.


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