Where's the folder view for scratches so I can select two of them for diffing?


When opening scratch files, it used to be possible to click on the "target icon" (sniper icon??) and show the file within Datagrip in a directory like view.

Then I was able to select e.g. two files and hit CMD-d to diff them.But I can't figure out where this view has gone, pretty sure in the data explorer view there was a "Scratches" node at the bottom?

Because right now I got two scratch files open, but can't view their location within datagrip for diffing:

Similar to what I have in phpstorm:

With "search all" I found a "Scratch files" popup window, but I couldn't figure out how to diff two files there:

Only option I found was "reveal in finder" but I want to use the diff capability within datagrip

Thanks :)


In DataGrip Scratches and Consoles are in Files tool window. You can open it via View -> Tool windows -> Files. 


Ah, I see; works, thank you!

That's why the "target icon" also doesn't work in the "database explorer". Too bad, because that Files stuff is really hidden but pressing the target icon, no matter what is currently the active window 😅 and where the target icon is related to, would be my no brainer.

Again, thanks for the quick response

PS: no I remembered I read this somewhere but forgot it ☹️



I think that, when right clicking on a scratch tab, there should be an option to open/locate it in the "Files" view:


Please create feature request on our tracker in IDEA project, because it is platform functionality.


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