UI | Bottom left | Synch icon constantly flashing

I recently noticed this synch icon at the bottom left of the UI that is constantly flashing. The only requirement for this to show is that the window is active. It's very distracting and even worse if there Event Log notification next to it.

I don't remember seeing this before a week ago, and it's driving me nuts. Anyone have some clue how to deal with this? I haven't been able to find other posts about it, or find the icon description in the documentation.

Here's a gif of what I mean (obviously once obseved it behaves differently, but I think the it shows well enough).



Usually when this icon shows there's also background tasks running. Please open "Window | Background Tasks | Show". Does it show anything running? Also, check "Help | Diagnostic tools | Activity monitor". What does it show?



Background Tasks are empty and I took a recording of the activity monitor. Thanks for checking this out :)


Could you please collect Logs from **Help | Collect Logs and Diagnostic Data** after the icon flashes for a while, and upload them to  https://uploads.jetbrains.com/? (Please provide the upload id afterwards).


Apologies, I got busy with other work. The issue seems to have disappeared. If it pops up again I will post the logs. Thank you.


I am having this same issue on MacOS. My background tasks are empty also. 


Same issue for me as well here. If anyone has any knowledge of what the deal is that'd be helpful. Tried bouncing my comp to no avail.

Andrey Resler If you're by chance still watching this post I have logs uploaded from my client with this ID:

Upload id: 2022_06_24_R7H7XdMGxhdTatnA8uUmWz (file: pycharm-logs-20220624-1436438257743558493155481.zip)

Hello Nlederman

Could you please check the list of all interpreters added in the IDE? Do you have any of them marked with red? 

If yes, please try deleting it from the configuration. 


Also, please try to start IDE with default settings as described here https://www.jetbrains.com/help/pycharm/configuring-project-and-ide-settings.html#restore-defaults , you will be able to revert the settings back later. 


Well, looks like the same thing for me as Ruruvil is happening. Looking again the issue seems to have gone away.

That said, I only have a single python interpreter configured which looks fine to me:

If for some reason I hit the issue again I'll restart with default settings and report back.


I was getting the same as Nlederman. Just updated to 2022.2.1 and it's still not fixed it.

I'd only had one python interpreter and it was fine. No background tasks running... etc etc

I think maybe what's causing this issue is that:

  • When I have one project/window open it's fine
  • When I open a 2nd project in a new window then it starts flickering. It appears to be multiplexing the status from BOTH projects at the footer of BOTH windows.

macOS Monterey 12.5.1



Hmm, could be related to https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/PY-55529/The-status-bar-message-blinks

Was the issue reproduced with the remote interpreter by any chance?


Andrey Resler I'm not sure you're addressing the above to me, but I can say the issue I reproduced was not using a remote interpreter. 

I'm wondering if you're on the right track though. I looked at the interpreter for both windows/projects. The primary project is a new one that I'd set up with a local Python 3.10 interpreter in a virtual env. The secondary project is an old one that I was not running; I was simply consulting it to remind myself of how I'd done things. The interesting thing is that when I looked at the interpreter for this old project there was... nothing there. 

I realise I had been cleaning up old python versions and may well have deleted the version that this old secondary project had used. So, its interpreter had been orphaned.

When I set it up with a local Python 3.10 interpreter in a virtual env then the flashing stopped. So, thanks for the clue in resolving it.


Having this issue as well - only happens when i have multiple windows open.

I'm on 2023.2.1 Build #PY-232.9559.58, built on August 22, 2023


Yee Please create a new report and provide additional details, such as logs, screenshots or ways to reproduce it  at https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/newIssue?project=PY 


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